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Organic vegetable plants

Grow Group is the front runner in raising vegetable plants organically: we were the first plant raising nursery to seize upon this growth market and have, meanwhile, gained a lot of knowledge of and experience with this special way of growing. Grow Group also continues to invest in research.

‘Clean’ vigour

The demand for safe food products is steadily on the increase. Years ago, Grow Group was the first plant raiser to start growing organic vegetable plants. We now have at our disposal a vast arsenal of knowledge and expertise relating to this separate branch of the horticultural industry.
We are also certified by SKAL and Bio-Suisse and invest heavily in research. Grow Group developed, for instance, its own organic raw materials and fertilisers and natural correction methods. Grow Group is also a specialist in grafting. This stands the company in good stead for organic plant raising; we create ‘clean’ vigour that way.

Optimal conditions

Our nursery in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, is specifically geared to organic plant raising, where we have compartments with separate climate control. Here, your plants grow in optimal, natural conditions, protected by insect netting and biological pest control. The result: healthy, strong and fighting-fit plants that guarantee a safe start to your organic crop.

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